Stoic Week REDUX

Did you miss Stoic Week 2013? Or do you want to try doing it again? This is your chance…


Did you miss Stoic Week 2013? ¬†Or would you be interested in doing it again? ¬†This is your chance! ¬†Starting on Monday 7th April 2014, we’re asking for volunteers to repeat Stoic Week on a more informal basis. ¬†We may keep this going by repeating the Handbook, starting on Mondays, over the next few weeks, so you can drop-in or drop-out. ¬†Use this discussion thread and the Google+ Community to support each other by posting updates each day (if possible) and commenting supportively on other people’s updates.

You can read (or print) a free HTML copy of the Stoic Week 2013 Handbook on the new e-learning¬†website. ¬†There’s also an EPUB e-book version of the Handbook, which you can read on most tablets, mobile phones, and e-readers, etc. ¬†You’ll also find the audio/video materials for Stoic Week on the Stoicism Today website.

If you’re interested in taking part in Stoic Week, please register to use the e-learning site and introduce yourself on the general discussion forum thread below below, or just post any questions you have.

General Discussion Forum: Stoic Week REDUX


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