About Stoicon

NEWS: See the Stoicism Today blog for the latest information about Stoicon events.  See our Stoicon 2020 Toronto page for information about the forthcoming conference.

Stoicon is an annual conference on applying Stoicism to the everyday challenges of modern living.  If you’re interested in Stoic philosophy, whatever your background or occupation, this conference is meant for you.  Our aim is to make Stoic philosophy accessible to everyone by highlighting its practical relevance to the everyday challenges people face in different aspects of modern life.  Stoicon 2017 was covered in this article in The Week.

Stoicon 2017 took place in Toronto, Canada, on Saturday 14th October.  See the Stoicon 2017 page for more information. Stoicon 2018 took place on Saturday 29th September in London.

The first public event organized by the Stoicism Today team was called “Stoicism for Everyday Life” and took place in London in 2013. The first Stoicon took place in London, England, in 2014. Stoicon 2015 was also held in London.  Stoicon 2016 was held in New York.

Previous Stoicon speakers include:

    • Prof. Christopher Gill, author of The Structured Self in Hellenistic and Roman Thought, The Discourses of Epictetus, The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius with Selected Correspondence
    • Dr. John Sellars, author of Stoicism, The Art of Living, and The Routledge Handbook of the Stoic Tradition 
    • Emily Wilson, author of Seneca: A Life
    • Jules Evans, author of Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations
    • Tim LeBon, author of Wise Therapy
    • Prof. Massimo Pigliucci, author of How to be a Stoic
    • Donald Robertson, author of Stoicism and the Art of Happiness, and How to Think Like a Roman Emperor
    • Prof. Angie Hobbs, author of Plato and the Hero
    • Prof. William Irvine, author of The Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy
    • Bettany Hughes, author of The Hemlock Cup
    • Vincent Deary, author of How We Are
    • Prof. Sherman Clark
    • Elen Buzare, author of Stoic Spiritual Exercises
    • Prof. Gabriele Galluzo, author of Aristotle’s Metaphysics Book Zeta: The Contemporary Debate
    • Prof. Julia Annas, author of Intelligent Virtue and The Morality of Happiness
    • Debbie Joffe Ellis, author (with Albert Ellis) of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy
    • Prof Cinzia Arruzza, editor of Philosophy and Political Power in Antiquity
    • Greg Sadler, author of Reason Fulfilled by Revelation
    • Greg Lopez
    • Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle is the Way and (with Stephen Hanselman) The Daily Stoic