Do you want to speak at Stoicon?

Stoicon, the international Modern Stoicism conference, is now in its eighth year. This time, due to the pandemic, Stoicon will be a completely virtual conference, taking place online. Full details are available on the EventBrite listing.

If you are interested in speaking at the event, you may want to try your hand at doing one of our five-minute lightning talks. Peter Limberg of Toronto Stoics is this year’s host for the Lightning Talk session, during which twelve speakers will have the opportunity to talk for five minutes each.


You can talk about any subject, as long as it’s clearly relevant to Stoicism. You must, though, adhere to a strict five-minute time limit. Because of the rapid nature of these mini-talks you will be stopped when it’s time for the next speaker to take their turn. You must also have a suitable Internet connection and be able to use Zoom. You must also have a suitable microphone. We recommend using a headset microphone. Please note that there a limited number of spaces for lightning talk speakers and speakers will be chosen based on their proposal and other qualities, and the discretion of the organizer.


Contact Modern Stoicism for more information or to volunteer to take part and we’ll forward your request to Peter Limberg, the host for this part of the event.

3 thoughts on Do you want to speak at Stoicon?

  1. Preben Thomassen says:

    I would like to join this forum for stoic knowledge

  2. Kate Finigan says:

    How can I attend so I can hear the speakers?

  3. Roberto Sans Boza says:

    I wonder if it is a bit too late to enter a possible lecture on Stoicism and the Hippocrates oath from a modern
    Medical perspective in the times of COVID-19.

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