Report of 'Stoicism and its Modern Uses' workshop at the University of Exeter


In this post, you can find full record of the discussion by academics and psychotherapists held at the University of Exeter (5th-6th October). You will find many ideas on ways to take Stoicism forward. Read, react and add your own suggestions!

Click here: Stoicism Workshop

6 thoughts on “Report of 'Stoicism and its Modern Uses' workshop at the University of Exeter”

  1. Patrick, great work, thanks for setting this blog up and for your posts.
    I will put a link to it on my site and twitter

  2. If it can be of interest.
    I did an Italian traslation, among other authors, of all Epictetus, all Marcus Aurelius and of all the Greek fragments of the Stoicorum Veterum Fragmenta.
    I also translated in English all the works of Epictetus. All this material is freely available in my site

  3. Would the Stoic Sage blog? Actually, I think Chrysippus would be an ace blogger if he lived today! Anyway, thanks for setting this up. I’ve put it on my blogroll, etc., and posted a few links on Facebook.

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