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Zeno of Citium
Zeno of Citium, copyright the Trustees of the British Museum. Reproduced with permission.

Register on this site now and enrol on Stoic Week to be notified when the Handbook becomes available. Stoic Week is an annual event aimed at encouraging public engagement with classical Stoic philosophy, by applying Stoic ideas and practices to the challenges of modern living.  It is international and takes place online: anyone can take part.  Stoic Week is now in its fifth consecutive year and has grown steadily in popularity year on year.  It is organized by a multi-disciplinary team called Stoicism Today.

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Stoic Week 2016 will take place from Monday 17th – Sunday 23rd October. (Add to Google Calendar.)  The theme for this year will be: Stoicism and Love.  It follows the Stoicon conference, which will take place in New York on Saturday 15th October.  During Stoic Week, participants will have the opportunity to live like a Stoic by following our seven-day Stoic Week Handbook, which contains reading, audio, video, and group discussions.  It includes daily practical exercises, which combine elements of ancient Stoicism and modern cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).  The main version of Stoic Week is an online course.  However, offline versions are also made available, which can be used on mobile devices, using the PDF, EPUB, and MBI (Kindle) e-book formats.

Last year, over 3,200 people from around the world took part in Stoic Week.  We collected data from over 2,500 participants, which was published by Tim LeBon in the Stoic Week 2015 Report available online.  Since it began, Stoic Week has been covered extensively by the media around the world and features heavily in social media discussions and blog posts.  You can follow Stoic Week and Stoicism Today on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  You can donate an amount of your own choosing to help support Stoic Week, via our PayPal form.