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The Online Magazine has articles on many aspects of Stoic philosophy, ranging from advice for life’s challenges, reflections on living a Stoic life sent in by readers, reflections on the process of adapting Stoicism to the modern-world (if it does need to be adapted, that is), interviews with fans of Stoicism about why they think it is still such a valuable philosophy, and reflections on how Stoicism can be helpful in specific areas such as schools (for both students and teachers), in sport and in prisons.

Each part of the magazine is accessible from the drop down menu above and is categorised by theme. You will find articles (some already posted, others soon to be posted) on:

Exploring Stoic Philosophy:

Advice for Daily Living: From a Stoic approach to shopping wisely to dealing with the ups and downs of daily life to embracing suffering to Stoic advice on parenting – this section features guest articles offering a modern take on ancient wisdom.

Reflections on Living the Stoic Life: In this section, people share how Stoicism has helped them in their daily life, in dealing with life’s difficulties both great and small.

Understanding Stoicism: Here you can find articles which explain key aspects of Stoic philosophy such as virtue and the ideal of the community of humankind and which discuss ways of putting these key aspects into practice. You’ll also find articles which reflect on key ancient texts by such authors as Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus.

Adapting Stoicism Today: The process of ‘adapting’ Stoicism to the modern-day (if it should be adapted, that is) raises many interesting questions. Which aspects of Stoicism are most helpful? Does the philosophy make sense if stripped of its metaphysics? Do you need to accept all of Stoic thought for it to ‘work’? What would an authentic form of ‘modern Stoicism’ look like? In this section, you will find reflections and debates on these kind of questions.

Interviews with Modern Stoics/fans of Stoicism: Read interviews with well-known people who practise Stoicism today, including a Canadian mayor and the producer of the TV shows Blackadder and QI.

– Excerpts: Here you can read excerpts from popular books on Stoicism, shared with the kind permission of the authors, including practical courses with step by step guides on putting Epictetus’ wisdom into practice and courses on resilience building.

Stoicism and….

Psychotherapy: Stoic philosophy has had a strong influence on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and you can read about the history of that influence and about the similarities and differences between Stoicism and CBT. But other forms of therapy, although not directly influenced by Stoicism, turn out to be very similar in practice. One example is ‘logotherapy’, developed by Viktor Frankl after his time in a concentration camp in the Holocaust. You can also read about how the ancients themselves thought of Stoicism as a cure (therapy) for the soul (psyche).

Christianity: Stoicism focussed on the idea of the ‘logos’, the expression of the universe as so well ordered and structured as to be considered ‘divine’. Christianity too has the idea of the logos, often translated as the ‘word’. In this section, authors compare and contrast Stoicism & Christianity.

Buddhism/Mindfulness: Stoicism arguably had its own form of ‘mindfulness’, which Epictetus called ‘prosoche’, or ‘attention’. In this section, authors consider what makes Stoic mindfulness distinctively ‘Stoic’, consider how, following the adaption of Buddhist mindfulness into secular healthcare settings, something similar could happen with Stoicism, and compare more broadly Stoic and Buddhist practice, both known for being highly pragmatic ‘philosophies as a way of life’.

Stoicism in…..

Sport: Read about professional sports teams which look back to the ancients for their work ethic, and read about how Stoic values are still often a source of praise for good sportsmen and women.

Schools: Read about the experience of pupils who lived like a Stoic, read resources prepared especially for school students, and read about how Stoicism can be helpful for a philosophical approach to teaching.

Prisons (coming soon): Read about how Epictetus’ wisdom was life-changing for inmates in America, and about a philosophy for life program being developed for prisons in the UK.


Listen to audio recordings of lectures, talks, interviews ranging from the history of Stoic philosophy to accounts of how Stoicism has helped people in their lives today.


– Watch videos: introducing the work of Stoicism Today; talks explaining Stoic philosophy; a round-table debate on the process of adapting Stoicism to the modern-day, and much more!


A list of every article to have appeared on the blog since it started in October, 2012.

You will also find links to Stoic texts online and recommended books on Stoicism. 

We hope you enjoy browsing the Stoicism Today online magazine!

If there is something you would like to write about, which fits into any of the above categories (or even if it doesn’t), please get in touch.

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