Long-term Plans

In the future, the Stoicism Today team hopes to turn its attention to creating a free eight-week online course in Stoicism. This course would be tested and validated using standard wellbeing measures, and could be signed up to at any time. It could also form the basis for a book with accompanying CD of guided exercises.

We also plan to create resources and courses for the teaching of Stoicism, and other forms of practical philosophy, in schools.

Other plans include the creation of a reader for Stoic philosophy as a way of life, with excerpts from Stoic authors organised by theme, and, possibly, a documentary focussing on how people apply Stoic philosophy today.

If you have any other ideas you think we should consider, please get in touch, or if you have any ideas of potential funding bodies which could be potentially interested in these ideas, as most of them are dependent on receiving funding.



2 thoughts on “Long-term Plans”

  1. I definitely think an Android/iOS app for future Stoic Weeks (should you do more) would be a worthwhile endeavor.

    It could potentially transform the quality and granularity of your data, and it could potentially be a great ‘one stop shop’ resource to newcomers and a useful support tool to anyone undertaking a course

    Either way, the online course and reader sound like great ideas, good luck with them.

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