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  1. Hi There

    My name is Gregor Thomson, I’m a former student of Journalism, previously studying a Masters in Digital Sociology at the University of Edinburgh and currently studying a Masters in Philosophy. I also create and host a podcast entitled, In Context, in which I discuss various topics to provide a wider perspective than what TV News and social media provides. This can be viewed here –

    I am also extremely interested in Stoic philosophy and perform Stoic practices everyday such as Prospective Retrospection and Dream Life Mediations. I’m sure you’d agree that people need to hear the concepts and ideas of Stoicism now more than ever looking forward to 2021.

    It would be an honour to have a conversation with you regarding various topics surrounding Stoicism, 2020, 2021, philosophy in general, books on Stoicism and any other topics you would like to discuss. This can be undertaken via Zoom and can take however long you would be willing to provide.

    If this is of any interest or if you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me,

    Gregor Thomson

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