New Series Tomorrow

From tomorrow, there will be a new six part series over three weeks featuring the work of Michel & Pamela Daw, a Stoic husband and wife team, who blog at Living the Stoic Life and Musings of a Stoic Woman respectively. Their posts will range from heartfelt responses to grief to tackling common misconceptions of Stoicism and what the life ‘in accordance with nature’ actually means, to considering how we can build lives around what really matters in life. Michel & Pamela also run a Stoic group where they live in Canada and hold regular meetings.

Ahead of that, here is a wonderfully concise infographic Michel created which encapsulates Stoic ethics….

4 thoughts on New Series Tomorrow

  1. Greg Milner says:

    Great. Looking forward to it.

  2. Ali says:

    Yes, me too. The infographic is very clever. Many thanks.

  3. Stephen Chakwin says:

    This is a lovely map of modern stoicism. I look forward to studying it.
    Stephen D. Chakwin, Jr.

  4. Angela Gilmour says:

    Thank you for the wonderful info graphic – here in Nova Scotia on holiday so time to relax and absorb the concepts and to reflect on my journey in Stoicism over the past six months – good timing!

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