Podcast #14: Mick Mulroy, Philosopher Kings, Ethics, and Wisdom

In this episode, we talk with Mick Mulroy about philosopher kings, ethics, and wisdom.

Mick is the co-founder of Lobo Institute, a private firm consulting, advising, and teaching on current and future conflicts. Mulroy is a former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East, a retired Central Intelligence Agency Paramilitary Operations Officer, and United States Marine. In addition, he is a Senior Fellow for National Security and Defense Policy at the Middle East Institute, and an ABC News National Security Analyst.

Mick is also on the board of directors at the Grassroots Reconciliation Group, an award-winning nonprofit that works to rehabilitate children that have been forced to fight in the Lord’s Resistance Army in East Africa. He is also the co-founder of the Lobo Institute, a group that studies conflicts and how to end them, and the co-founder of the charity End Child Soldiering, that seeks to help rehabilitate former child soldiers worldwide.

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Author: Adam Piercey

Adam Piercey is an Engineering Technologist living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is currently in senior management in the world of innovation technology, and has previously worked in the green energy and medical device fields. Adam began his journey into the world of Classical Philosophy when he was quite young, and has maintained a consistent practice for over 4 years now. His main interests are reading, board games, hand-tool carpentry and movies.

4 thoughts on “Podcast #14: Mick Mulroy, Philosopher Kings, Ethics, and Wisdom”

  1. Well done. I went and looked up the Ring of Gyges because of it. A fascinating link to the covert operations. Is that where the Lord of the Rings came from?

    This is a discussion worth listening to. The need for wisdom and the embracing of science has never been more important. The need for us to hold ethics up as something as important as any other topic. I agree humanity is going to face ever-increasing challenges. Whether we make it through them or not is going to largely depend on whether we trust one another.

  2. That was a fascinating conversation. The discussion on the degradation of ethics in the U.S. is important for all Americans and others around the world. The United States used to stand for freedom and equality. There really isn’t another country that can step in and take the lead in this. It takes strength and honor.

    You two should do more podcasts.

  3. This was a great addition to the paper. I learned a lot, I didn’t know how deep the philosophy was in the military. I thought it was mostly academics. Michael could bring in more and different types of people to the stoic fold.

    I really liked the storytelling aspect of this and would like to listen to these two discuss stoicism more often.

    Excellent interview Adam.

  4. You apparently sent this out before syndicating it. I went to my pod player and can only see through episode #13

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