Stoic Week 2012

The first international Stoic Week ran from November 26th-December 2nd, 2012. It stemmed from an AHRC-funded workshop at the University of Exeter, UK, between psychotherapists and academics. At this workshop, the idea of ‘living like a Stoic for a week’ was put forward, with the combined expertise of the group focussed on preparing a short booklet, with modern-day Stoic exercises and advice for that week. You can read that handbook from 2012 here.

The first Stoic Week was originally intended to be a ‘pilot-run’, with the booklet being followed by students studying Roman philosophy at the university. A second Stoic Week was provisionally planned for the spring, which could build on the ‘pilot-run’. But interest in the first Stoic week grew quickly, with three articles appearing in the UK press, and 15000 hits recorded on the blog around the time of Stoic Week. Many people from all around the world signed up to follow the week. Participants were encouraged to respond to wellbeing scales, and questionnaires before and after the week. Participating in Stoic Week led to approximately a 10% increase in a number of well-validated and widely used measures of well-being. You can read the rest of the results of the first Stoic Week here.

The team then decided to focus on securing funding for the next Live Like a Stoic Week (now to be held November 25th-December 1st). Thanks to the generosity of the AHRC, as well as Birkbeck London and the University of Exeter, the team have been working hard for months to strengthen the resources available for this Stoic Week 2013.

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