Stoic Week Events (Past Years)

Stoic Week has grown each successive year that it has been held, developing a truly international scope in the process.  A number of events have been held in past years, and we expect an even greater number of events to celebrate Stoic Week 2017.  If you have an event in planning, and would like to see it here, please use the ‘contact us’ facility (from the main menu).

Stoic Week 2017 Events Worldwide

You can find out about all the events coming up for Stoic Week this year by going here.

Stoic Week 2016 Events

  • October 16: Post-STOICON/Pre-Stoic Week Meetup (New York City, USA).  New York City Stoics Meetup hosted a Stoic Walking tour through parts of NYC.
  • October 16: Stoicism and Love (London, UK).  The London Stoics Meetup will be hosted a discussion on that very topic.
  • October 18:  Stoicism Across the Disciplines: A Panel Discussion (Lewiston, ME, USA) – Bates College faculty led an informal discussion of Stoicism across intellectual disciplines.
  • October 18:  Struggling With Anger? Useful Stoic Perspectives and Practices (Milwaukee, WI, USA).  Gregory Sadler provided the workshop he led at STOICON 2016
  • October 19: Vidas Estoicas (Bogata, Columbia)  The members of the research group, Peiras, engaged in discussion focused on classical Stoicism, its doctrines and figures, and its potential for transforming contemporary everyday life.
  • October 19: What is The Place for Stoicism in Today’s Society? (Oxford, UK).  The Philosophy In Pubs, Oxford Meetup hosted a discussion with Daniel Robertson about Stoicism in the present.
  • October 20: Stoic Week Discussion (Slippery Rock, PA, USA)  Professor Andrew Winters discussed what it is like to live as a Stoic in a modern world
  • October 20: Discussing Stoic Daily Habits (Manchester, UK). The Manchester Stoic Meetup will be focused its monthly discussion on daily habits that help one live the Stoic life.
  • October 20: It’s Stoic Week: When Should I Assent? (Chicago, IL, USA). The Chicago Philosophy Meetup hosted a session about Stoicism.
  • October 22: Stoic Guidance for Troubled Times (London, UK). A smaller, but excellent STOICON-X conference at Queen Mary University.
  • October 23: Stoic Week Wrap-Up (New York City, USA).  The New York City Stoics Meetup hosted a meeting for an hour of open discussion and followup.
  • October 23: Stoic Week Catch-Up (Brisbane, Australia).  The Brisbane Stoics held a meeting to discuss and compare experiences from Stoic Week.

Stoic Week 2015 Events

  • November 1: Introduction to Stoic Week 2015 (New York City, USA).  Meeting of the New York City Stoics.
  • November 4: Stoic Week Discussion (Lewiston, ME, USA) Bates College Faculty led a panel discussion about Stoicism across the disciplines.
  • November 5: Four Components of a Happy Life (Milwaukee, WI, USA). Gregory Sadler provided a Stoic Week lecture and discussion.
  • November 6: Stoic Week Discussion (Slippery Rock, PA, USA).  Slippery Rock University hosted a panel discussion, led by faculty.
  • November 8: Stoic Week 2015 debriefing (New York City, USA). Meeting of the New York City Stoics.
  • November 12: Stoic Tests: A Study Guide (Slippery Rock, PA, USA). William B. Irvine provided a followup keynote address at Slippery Rock University.
  • November 16: Theoretically Practical: What Kind of Life Should I Lead? (Grand Rapids, MI, USA).  Lecture provided by Peter Anderson

Stoic Week 2014 Events:

  • November 22: Open Discussion (New York City, USA).  The New York City Stoics held a meeting to register for Stoic Week and discuss the week ahead.
  • November 23: Starting Session (Richmond, VA, USA).  The Richmond Stoa held a meeting to start out Stoic Week together
  • November 23: Stoicism in the Age of Aquarius (Burbank, CA, USA). Susan Burns provided a discussion discussing Stoic philosophy and its applications
  • November 30: The Moral Epistles of Seneca the Younger (Cape Town, South Africa).  Lecture provided by Jurgens Pieterse
  • November 30: Debriefing & Discussion (New York City, USA).  The New York City Stoics held a session to discuss Stoic Week 2014
  • November 30: Wrap-Up Session (Richmond, VA, USA).  The Richmond Stoa held a meeting to discuss their experiences of going through Stoic Week.

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