Modern Stoicism Toronto

Modern Stoicism Toronto, part of Modern Stoicism Canada, is a new organization affiliated to Modern Stoicism Ltd. Its mission is to build the Stoic community in Toronto and subsequently other parts of Canada by organizing events and practice groups.

You can support Modern Stoicism Canada’s work via our Patreon page.

Toronto has one of the largest Stoicism communities in the world, perhaps the largest.

The Stoicism Toronto Meetup group run by Peter Limberg and Daniel Kazandjian has over 1,500 members, the largest group of its kind on Meetup.

Donald Robertson, author of How to Think Like a Roman Emperor, and Chuck Chakrapani, author of Unshakable Freedom, are both based in Toronto.

The Stoicism Toronto Facebook group and Facebook page also help members of the community stay connected and updated about events.

In 2017, the main Stoicon conference took place in Toronto. Toronto will once again be the location of the conference in 2020.

Print Media

Also, see this Medium article by Donald Robertson on Canadian Stoicism.