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‘Stoicism Today: Selected Writings’ (US/UK) is now available, as both paperback and Kindle e-book.


About the Book: From Stoic ethics to emotions, from Stoic mayors and mindfulness to practical philosophy, parenting, psychotherapy and prisons, from Star Trek and Socrates to Stoic lawyers, literature and living in general, this book brings together a wide-ranging collection of reflections on living the Stoic life today. You’ll read advice on coping with adversity, reflections on happiness and the good life and powerful personal testimonies of putting Stoicism into practise. But you’ll also read about the links between Stoicism and psychotherapy, Stoicism and mindfulness meditation and the unexpected places Stoicism can pop up in modern culture. This book will be of interest to both academics and non-academics alike and is about the varied ways in which the 2,300 year old philosophy as a way of life remains relevant to the concerns and needs of the present day.

It is available as both paperback (£6.49/$9.99) and Kindle E-Book (£3.08/$4.99).

The cover design is by Rocio De Torres.

NB. You can also deliver the e-book to other devices which support Kindle books, such as iPhones and iPads.

Table of Contents

  • About Stoicism Today
  • Contributors Foreword – Stephen J. Costello
  • Introduction – Patrick Ussher

Part One: Stoic Theory

  • ‘Core Ideas of Stoic Ethics in Marcus Aurelius’ – Chris Gill
  • ‘The Stoics on the Community of Humankind’ – Patrick Ussher
  • ‘Stoics are not Unemotional!’ – Donald Robertson
  • ‘On the Motivations of a Stoic’ – Michel Daw

Part Two: Adapting Stoicism for the Modern Day

  • ‘Which Stoicism?’ – John Sellars
  • ‘A Simplified Modern Approach to Stoicism’ – Donald Robertson
  • ‘What can the Stoics do for us?’ – Antonia Macaro

Part Three: Stoic Advice

  • ‘On Death Acceptance’ – Corey Anton
  • ‘Gratitude and Wonder’ – Mark Garvey
  • ‘Happiness for Sale – What Would Seneca Say?’ – Laura Inman
  • ‘An Ancient Technique for Modern Consumers’ – Tim Rayner
  • ‘Control Your Emotions’ – Ryan Holiday

Part Four: Life Stories

  • ‘My Experiences of Stoicism’ – Helen Rudd
  • ‘Being a Stoic Lawyer’ – Paul Bryson
  • ‘The Stoic Mayor’ – Jules Evans
  • ‘The Greatest of All Struggles’ – Kevin Kennedy
  • ‘The Stoic Doctor’ – Roberto Sans-Boza
  • ‘Musings of a Stoic Woman’ – Pamela Daw
  • ‘Of Skunks, Sauerkrauts and Stoicism’ – Eric Knutzen & Kelly Coyne

Part Five: Stoicism for Parents & Teachers

  • ‘Stoicism for Coping with Toddlers’ – Chris Lowe
  • ‘Fatherhood & Stoic Acceptance’ – Jan Fredrik-Braseth
  • ‘Praise the Process’ – Matt Van Natta
  • ‘Stoic Teaching & Stoic Control’ – Michel Burton
  • ‘Getting Practical Philosophy into the Classroom’ – Jules Evans

Part Six: Stoicism & Psychotherapy

  • ‘Does Stoicism Work: Stoicism & Positive Psychology’ – Tim LeBon
  • ‘A Sketch of the Stoic Influences on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy’ – Stephen Costello
  • ‘My return to Mental Health with CBT and Stoicism’ – James Davinport

Part Seven: Stoicism & Buddhism

  • ‘Mindful Virtue: Eastern Meditation for Stoic Ethics’ – Ben Butina
  • ‘Mindfulness and Mindlessness: Epictetus & Buddhism’ – Aditya Nain
  • ‘Was there a Stoic mindfulness?’ – Patrick Ussher

Part Eight: Stoic Literature and Stoicism in Modern Culture

  • ‘The Epictetus Club: Stoicism in Prisons’ – Jeff Traynor
  • ‘The Phoenix Cycle: Stoic Sci-Fi’ – Bob Collopy
  • ‘Socrates Among the Saracens’ – Jules Evans
  • ‘A Conversation with John Lloyd’ – Jules Evans
  • ‘Stoicism & Star Trek: Think like Spock, Act Like Kirk’ – Jen Farren

12 thoughts on “The Book”

  1. Very comprehensive. I have been practicing aspects of Stoicism through my longstanding Buddhism which shows great wisdom can come from various sources.
    Having entered a concentrated week, already feeling much more tender and noticed small kindnesses I think I would miss.

    Mick M

  2. Hi Patrick and Donald,

    Thank you both for your reply. I will certainly look for The Stoic Week 2013 Handbook. I am pleased to read that you are considering to make The Stoic Week 2014 Handbook available in EPUB format. In the meantime I’ll get a print copy of the book. Thanks again.

  3. The Stoic Week 2013 Handbook is available in EPUB and – time permitting! – the new Stoic Week 2014 Handbook will be as well. Kindle and EPUB aren’t compatible. Kindle is Amazon’s own proprietary format (boo!) and EPUB is the open standard used by everyone else.

  4. Hi Patrick,

    I can as far as I could already verify, say that EPUB and Kindle formats are not compatible. I think it would be good to be able to have publications in EPUB format. Maybe something to consider in future editions.
    Kind regards.

    1. Thank you, Hubert. At the moment, as Donald says, it has to unfortunately be tied to Amazon only, but perhaps in the future it might be possible with other editions. You can of course get the print copy of the book too.

  5. Hello,

    I just received an ebook reader. Are you planning to make the book “Stoicism Today: Selected Writings” also available in that format?

    1. Thanks for your message Hubert. Do you mean make it available as an EPUB? Depending on your reader though I think you might still be able to read the Kindle version on that.

      1. Hello Patrick,

        Thank you for answering my question. Yes indeed, I meant EPUB. It is all quite new for me, so I forgot to mention the correct name of the format. I will follow your advice and download the Kindle version. If there would be a problem, you never know, then I will notify you.
        Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

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