The Old Stoic by Emily Brontë

The Old Stoic

Riches I hold in light esteem,
And love I laugh to scorn,
And lust of fame was but a dream
That vanished with the morn.
And if I pray, the only prayer
That moves my lips for me Is,
“Leave the heart that now I bear,
And give me liberty!”
Yes, as my swift days near their goal,
‘Tis all that I implore –
In life and death, a chainless soul,
With courage to endure.
From Poems of Solitude by Emily Brontë

2 thoughts on The Old Stoic by Emily Brontë

  1. gillgarratt says:

    ‘Go forth into the light of things, let nature be your guide’, Wordsworth Day 2 of my ‘Live like a Stoic’ week on my blog psychogilly reflects……..

  2. Just wanted to say thanks to all those that wrote the handbook and all of the work that has gone into this. I uploaded a video with my own experience so far here:

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