What You'll Find on This Website

Stoicism Today is a group of psychotherapists and philosophers working together to produce resources for practising Stoic philosophy, the 2300 year old philosophy as a way of life, today.

Stoicism was practised by philosophers such as Epictetus the freed slave and teacher, Marcus Aurelius the Roman Emperor (who wrote the famous ‘Meditations’) and Seneca in the Graeco-Roman world. It emphasised inner strength, meeting events with wisdom, moderation and courage, and outer excellence, through affection and justice towards others.

What will you find on this website?

1. International Stoic Week

 International Stoic Week takes place every November and which you can take part in to see if Stoic philosophy is for you. In 2013 and 2014, well over 2,000 participants took part. During the week, you can follow a free, step by step, online course, and can discuss Stoicism with the other participants online

2. Online Magazine

You can read new articles every Saturday on the philosophy and practice of Stoicism in the modern world sent in by readers all around the globe. Read previous articles here.

3. Free Self-Guided Courses for living a Stoic life, including:

A. Seven Day Introductory Course to Living the Stoic Life (The Stoic Week Handbook)

B. The One month long ‘Stoic Mindfulness & Resilience Course’

And…guided audio meditations

4. Places to Debate, Reflect and Discuss Stoicism

Under ‘Join the Discussion’ in the main menu, you will find places to discuss Stoic philosophy online including thriving Facebook and Reddit discussion groups.

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–  receive weekly articles on putting Stoicism into practice

keep up to date on available online courses

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3 thoughts on “What You'll Find on This Website”

  1. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I have learned a lot about stoicism and now have a print out of my favourite sayings above my desk at work. Yes, stoicism is helping a lot. I have a vivid imagination and thanks to this blog, I now picture my mind as a glowing, beautiful stream of water flowing through a quiet forest.
    However, you have made one very big mistake. You give a link to a Facebook page. I joined it! This Facebook group is like suddenly being dropped into a crowd of preschool zombies who are either extremely bored or who have had too much caffeine. Can you not give us a quiet and peaceful place for European Stoics to gather? I do love our cousins across the pond, but if I read the word ‘awesome’ once more, I will willingly embrace the philosophy of Caligula. 🙂

    1. For that, you’ll want to contact Donald Robertson, who moderates that Facebook group.

      This sounds like an excellent opportunity for someone to create a new Facebook group that would provide that “quiet and peaceful place for European Stoics to gather”. I suspect Donald is already very busy with the present Facebook group, and I know that as editor of Stoicism Today, I’ve already got a lot to do. . . so perhaps someone else will volunteer to create and moderate a new group

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