About Modern Stoicism

Mission Statement

Modern Stoicism is a non-profit limited company, registered in the UK (10950027), run by a multidisciplinary team of volunteers.  Its aims are to research and publish information on the application of Stoic philosophy to modern living for the benefit of the general public.


Modern Stoicism is understood by us as a blanket term, referring to the use of Stoicism in the modern world. This term is intended to be inclusive and to encompass different interpretations and applications of Stoicism. Those involved may hold different religious views, for instance, agnostic, atheist, pantheist, theist. Everyone is welcome to be part of our community and to participate in our events and online activities.

Core Values

  • Inclusive. We aim to be a “big tent” organization that welcomes everyone, regardless of their religious views or interpretation of Stoic philosophy.
  • Informed. We distribute information from experts, authors, and leading scholars, and give a platform for the general public to share their experience of applying Stoicism in daily life.
  • Evidence-based. We carry out scientific research on Stoicism and its benefits.
  • Accessible. We seek to make Stoic theory and practice available to everyone in a format that is of tangible value and easily understood.


It started under the name “Stoicism Today” with a workshop at the University of Exeter, U.K., in early October 2012 (see the video) which explored the applications of Stoic philosophy for the modern day. We then formed as a team of seven academics and psychotherapists working together to explore what the ancient philosophy as a way of life, Stoicism, still has to offer today.

Video Introducing the Stoicism Today Project

21 thoughts on “About Modern Stoicism”

  1. Thanks to Donald Robertson I was introduced to Stoicism about 2 years ago. I will be forever indebted to Donald to his introduction for me to what has become a quiet obsession.


  2. I’m new to the concept of stoicism and I’m so looking forward to starting the course.
    With all due respect and in case you want to change it (or not), in the introduction to this site it says “It started under the name “Stoicism Today” … in early October 2012 (see the video above),” I think it should say “(see the video below).”
    Thank you in advance for the course.

  3. I have tried several times to register for Stoic Week, without success, using the same email and password as last year. please can you assist, thanks

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Thanks very much! It was made in Photoshop Lite (of some kind), and Marcus was placed on a busy New York pedestrian crossing 🙂

  4. I’m very much looking forward to reading your book as soon as I get a chance, Jimmy. Cato is a character who very much interests me. (I’m hoping to include some references to him in a book I’m currently writing on Stoicism.) I think it would be great if you could contribute a guest post to the blog. Patrick is the person running this project. I’m sure he’ll get back to you shortly if he hasn’t already.

    “This was the character and this the unswerving creed
    of austere Cato: to observe moderation, to hold to the goal,
    to follow nature…”

  5. Hello!
    My name is Jimmy Soni. I’m the Managing Editor of the Huffington Post and just finished a book on Cato the Younger, a particularly important figure in the history of Stoicism. I was wondering if I could write a guest post about that for your site? Thanks for considering it!

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