SMRT was designed in 2014 by cognitive therapist, Donald Robertson. Over 500 people took part in the initial program, and thousands more have completed SMRT
since then.

It runs once or twice per year. We collected data and analysed it, which showed fairly impressive improvements in established psychological measures of mood and quality of life. SMRT was deliberately designed not as a general introduction to Stoicism but as focused skills training, modelled on the type of protocols used in clinical trials on CBT. Stoic Week, our seven-day course provides more of a general introduction to Stoicism, if that’s what you want. SMRT is for people who really want to focus on developing basic Stoic psychological skills through daily practice, over a sufficient period of time to show significant changes.

The report outlining the results of SMRT 2020 is available here.

Download the audio resources (guided meditations and visualisations in mp3 format) for this course on our Stoic Week page.

SMRT is a four-week intensive training course in core Stoic psychological skills. It requires about twenty minutes of commitment daily for 28 days. We therefore advise people not to enrol unless they’re sure they can commit the time and effort to complete the program.