This year, for the first time, we are introducing Stoic Week for Students, a brand new version of Stoic Week designed to me more accessible to school-age students.

Stoic Week for Students is scheduled to take place 18-24 October 2021.

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NEW for 2021: Stoic Week for Students

  • You asked for it! People are always asking for Stoic materials for children and teens, so we created this special version of Stoic Week just for teenagers.
  • The course is designed for classroom teachers, but parents can also use it with their kids at home. The handbook comes with a teacher’s guide, with extra activities and resources including audio.
  • Suggested ages are 13-15, but teachers and parents can adapt the materials for older or slightly younger children.
  • Topics include happiness, resilience, managing emotions, friendship, community, nature, identity, and character.
  • Download the pdf version of the handbook, or complete the course online so your kids can interact with other students participating in Stoic Week
  • Stoic Week for students takes place at same time as Stoic Week (18th – 24th October) but the materials will be made available somewhat earlier.

You can sign up for Stoic Week for Students here.

However, you are not restricted to one week of the year to use this resource. Below you will find the Stoic Week for Students Handbook and an Instructor’s Guide that teachers can use with students whenvere they wish in schools or other settings.

If you have any questions do contact us.