Stoicon 2021

Modern Stoicism, Ltd., is a non-profit organisation run by a multidisciplinary team of volunteers. If you’re interested in Stoic philosophy, whatever your background or occupation, this conference is for you.

We’re making Stoic philosophy accessible to everyone by highlighting its practical relevance to the everyday challenges people today face in their lives.

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All times posted below are listed in Eastern Time (ET).

10am – Introduction: Welcome + Opening Remarks

Greg Sadler, Andi Sciacca, and Chris Gill

10.15am – The Equality of Moral Errors

Kai Whiting + Leonidas Konstantakos

10.45am – Panel A: Ask the Experts

Donald Robertson, Piotr Stankiewicz , Chris Gill , John Sellars, Sharon Lebell, Gabriele Galluzzo, and Greg Sadler (Moderator)

11.30 – The Joyful Practice of Stoic Death Contemplation

Kathryn Koromilas

12pm – Practical Applications of Stoicism Workshop

Tim LeBon

1pm – Practicing Stoicism, Epictetus Style

Massimo Pigliucci

1.30pm – Pre-Recorded Lightning Round Talks

Harald Kavli (Moderator)

2.30pm – How Do Stoics Care?

Brittany Polat

3pm – James Bond Stockdale and Epictetian Communitarian Action

Aldo Dinucci

3.30pm – Panel B: Practical Applications of Stoicism

Eve Riches, Greg Lopez, Walter Matweychuk, Kevin Vost, Karen “Duff” Duffy, Meredith Kunz, and Shayla Love (Moderator)

4.15pm – Keynote Address

Nancy Sherman

5pm – After-Party + Casual Conversation


NB: Details of the program may be subject to change. Ticket payment is a donation amount of your choosing. There is no minimum donation required. All funds donated will support the continued work of Modern Stoicism, Ltd. This event is provided as a public good and all are welcome. If you cannot (or choose not to) make a donation, you may request a Complimentary Ticket here: