Claim a Press Pass for Stoicon 2020 Toronto

Are you a blogger, podcaster, social media influencer or a journalist? You may be eligible to claim a press pass for Stoicon 2020 Toronto, the 7th international Modern Stoicism conference, which will take place in Toronto, Canada, on 17 October.

The annual event was held in Athens, Greece last year – the birthplace of ancient Stoicism – and this year it returns to what is widely regarded to be the world hotspot for Stoics, the diverse and vibrant city of Toronto. The full day event on Saturday 17 October will be followed by Stoicon-x the locally focused and organized mini-conference. Both events will take place at at the Sheraton Centre Hotel, which is excellently situated downtown, enabling attendees to make the most of their visit to North America’s 4th largest city.

Both events include a stellar line up of speakers, pulling experts, academics and practitioners alike (and indeed people who are all three) together on stage to deliver a deep-dive/unique immersion into the philosophy of Stoicism, which is experiencing a revival around the world. Speakers include leading names in the Stoic world such as:

  • William B Irvine, A Guide to the Good Life and The Stoic Challenge
  • Massimo Pigliucci, How to be a Stoic and A Handbook for New Stoics
  • John Sellars, Lessons in Stoicism and The Art of Living
  • Chuck Chakrapani, Unshakeable Freedom
  • Donald Robertson, Stoicism and the Art of Happiness and How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

If you can help promote this unique Stoic weekend and have an audience who would be interested then your help in pushing the message out, so that we reach the right people, would be greatly appreciated. We have a limited number of media passes available, and if you would like to be consider for one please contact us with your details. The event is run by a nonprofit, and as such we have to ensure that complimentary passes go to the right people, so when applying please advise how you meet the following criteria.

  • Either you must write for a major print publication or work for a major broadcaster.
  • Or be social influencer, podcaster, or blogger with a large enough social media following, e.g., 20k+ Twitter followers, 50k+ Facebook followers, or 50k+ YouTube subscribers

We also request that you book your accommodation for the event at the Sheraton Centre as part of the block booking for the event in order to benefit from the special rate we’ve negotiated. With a press pass, you will also benefit from perks such as Green Room and podcast recording area access.

Please contact us if you think you meet the criteria for a press pass. Passes are issued at the organizer’s discretion. All decisions are final.

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