Audio Recordings from Stoicon 2016

Audio recordings from Stoicon 2016, available for download as MP3 files.

Stoicon 2016 was a huge success!

You can now download MP3 audio recordings of the talks below…  Here’s the opening talk by Massimo Pigliucci called “Stoicism 101”.

Stoicon 2016 Logo

You can download the files by right-clicking on the speaker’s name and selecting the Save link as… or Download option from your browser’s context menu.

  1. Donald Robertson
    Stoicism, Mindfulness, and Cognitive Therapy
  2. Julia Annas
    Is Stoic Virtue as Off-putting as it Seems?
  3. William Irvine
    On Becoming an Insult Pacifist
  4. Lawrence Becker
    Stoic Ethics-in-Action
  5. Debbie Joffe Ellis
    Albert Ellis, A Model of Resiliency, Compassion, and Stoicism in Action
  6. Christopher Gill
    Can you be a Stoic and a Political Activist?
  7. Cinzia Arruzza
    Let us Take Care of Ourselves, Stoic Exercises and Foucault
  8. Jules Evans
    Stoicism as a Wellbeing Intervention in the Workplace, prisons and Mental Health Charities
  9. KEYNOTE – Ryan Holiday
    The Daily Stoic: Practical Philosophy for Pragmatic People

Stoic Meditation Exercises

A list of the new audio recordings for Stoic Week 2013 with links to download MP3 files or listen online.

You can download from the links below for your MP3 players or listen online by clicking through.

Instructions for Audio Recordings
Some people have asked for more guidance on when and how to use the audio recordings.  All recordings are in MP3 format and can be downloaded, usually by right-clicking on the link and selecting “Save as…”, although this depends on the browser you’re using.  People using iPhones or other Apple devices may have to import the MP3 files to their iTunes library to play them on their devices, unless they’re using a third-party app.  MP3 files are playable on almost any device, though.  You’ll find it much easier to use these recordings on headphones.

Morning and Evening Meditation Routine
These are longer, optional recordings starting with some explanation, followed by an exercise. If you want to you can listen to these the first time you do the daily morning and evening routines, to help give yourself more structure, but don’t worry if you don’t have time, just use the shorter recordings, or do the morning and evening routines yourself, by following the instructions in the Handbook.

Morning Meditation Routine

Evening Meditation Routine

Morning and Evening Meditation (Exercise Only)
We recommend listening to these the first time you do the morning and evening meditation, to help guide you and provide some structure to the exercise.  They’re quite brief but will help by providing an example of how  to approach these daily exercises.

Morning Meditation Routine (Exercise Only)

Evening Meditation (Exercise Only)

Stoic Attitudes Meditation Script
This is optional but many people have reported finding it useful and some participants, previously, listened to it every day.  It contains some relaxation exercises and scripted Stoic affirmations, similar to the attitudes in SABS.  If you don’t have much time, you may just want to listen to this on the first or second day of Stoic Week.  This is a mainly verbal contemplative exercise.

Stoic Attitudes Meditation Script

Stoic Mindfulness and Premeditation Exercise
This is a longer and more challenging exercise.  It’s intended for use on Saturday (Day 6 of Stoic Week), which is entitled “Preparation for Adversity”, and based around the same concept.  This is a more visual contemplative exercise.

Stoic Mindfulness and Premeditation Exercise

The View from Above
Our previous feedback suggested this was among the most popular exercises.  It’s a bit longer than some of the others but not very demanding.  This is designed to be done on Sunday (Day 7 of Stoic Week), which is entitled “The View from Above” and based around the same concept.  This is a much more visual contemplative exercise.

The View from Above Exercise

New Audio Recording: Stoic Mindfulness Exercise

New audio recording of Stoic Mindfulness exercise.

You should be able to click an embedded HTML5 audio-player below to hear the MP3 file:

If didn’t work (is your web browser ancient?) you can just click on this link to download instead: