Day 4 of Living the Stoic Life!

Use this thread to post anything related to the Stoic life today. If you are blogging on the Stoic week or doing a Youtube diary, feel free to link to those from here.
And, if you have the time, do you have any reflections on the Stoic week as a whole to date?

‘There is one type of person who, whenever he has done a good deed to another, expects and calculates to have the favour repaid. There is a second type of person who does not calculate in such a way but who, nevertheless, deep within himself regards the other person as someone who owes him something and he remembers that he has done the other a good deed.

But there is a third type of person who, in some sense, does not even remember the good deed he has done but who, instead, is like a vine producing its grape, seeking nothing more than having brought forth its own fruit, just like a horse when it has run, a dog when it has followed its scent and a bee when it has made honey. This man, having done one good deed well, does not shout it about but simply turns his attention to the next good deed, just like the vine turns once again to produce its grape in the right season.’

                                                                                           Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 5.6


8 thoughts on Day 4 of Living the Stoic Life!

  1. gillgarratt says:

    Beautiful, I love this. I have never read it before – will definitely put on my blog tonight when I reflect

  2. Sam Hayes says:

    Marcus certainly had a way with words! I just did the View From Above, and I can’t recommend it enough for the start of the day. i’m hoping to carry out the exercise “Evaluating Profit (lusiteles)” later on. Will post another video diary later tonight.

  3. gillgarratt says:

    day 3 Wednesday reflections posted now on

  4. Alkyone says:

    Prosoche seems to be getting easier. The meditations are hard to fit in but just thinking and reading about Stoicism during the day and reflecting is still really beneficial.

  5. graeme peters says: here is my video for Thursday, it’s entitled day three as I did not make a video for Monday. Finding the week to be extremely interesting, and looking forward to attempting the ‘view from above’ visualization soon!

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