Day 5 of Living the Stoic Life!

Post here any reflections on the Stoic life today! How is it, now five days in? 
‘Whenever, as the sun rises, you feel like you cannot be bothered to get up, have this thought ready to hand:
“I rise to do the work of a human being”
Why feel any resentment, when I am rising to do that for which I was born, for which I was brought into the world? Or was I made instead just to lie under these bedclothes, all warm and comfortable? “Well it is pleasurable to do so!” But were you born just for pleasure? Look at it this way: were you born for passivity or to be a man of action? Can you not see that even the shrubs, sparrows, ants, spiders and bees all do their bit, their part in making up the smooth functioning of the universe? So why don’t you do your bit too, and perform the role of a human being?’
Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 5.1

One thought on Day 5 of Living the Stoic Life!

  1. CRegal says:

    With the often natural tendency to awake critiquing, one benefits with philosophy, which by its nature reframes the directional aspects of thinking. It’s relatively self evident that what we think influences how we feel therefore it makes sense to regularly address thinking with pointless motives, that is, trying to control things outside of your power to change. These tendencies do not vanish with the Stoic outlook. They can lose their physiological or psychological grip on an otherwise worthwhile day.

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