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  1. neceseco says:

    how about a forum for stoics? i saw that “newstoa” is abandoned, i’d really love to have a forum to discuss it

  2. That is a forum, of sorts. There are a few others. I run a Facebook forum with nearly 2,000 members that’s very active:

  3. Well, I would have said that these are real forums, but do you have something else in mind? What do you think a real forum would look like? You don’t need to use Facebook. You could use the existing forums on G+ or Yahoogroups.

    • neceseco says:

      i thought of something like, i’m not an expert to do it myself but i would pay for it as i donate for other forums

      • Well, that’s a busy site but it’s a very old-fashioned design, it doesn’t look very modern, and it requires a separate login, which is something people often try to avoid nowadays. It’s maybe not a “responsive” design either – I’d need to check if it looks okay on phones and tablets, etc.
        The advantage of having a community hosted in a social network is that it’s more accessible to a larger number of people and the software is more up-to-date. Most people already have a Google+ or Facebook account and so they can just log in without having to create a new account on another website. It also works well across all devices.
        Another option might be to have a forum that uses more modern design on another site but allows login using G+, Facebook, or Microsoft account details. We’d probably need funding to pay a web developer to do that, though.

        • neceseco says:

          actually that forum seems pretty good to me, i frequent even older kind of forums. anyway i don’t know how much it costs, but given that i heard in one of the videos on youtube Jules Evans saying that he’d like to establish a stoic community, i think that there is no better way to do it than a forum. maybe you could spread this idea inside the facebook group and see if they think is a good idea. as for me, i’d happily donate to the forum 10 € per year if there was a good community.

  4. It probably suits some people more than others but I doubt we’d want to develop a forum quite like that one – it’s definitely an older style and concept. There’s more interest nowadays in using social networks as a resource for building online communities, like Google+ or Facebook.
    Also, there are already large and quite active Stoic communities that are based on a similar kind of format to the one you’re talking about. See the Yahoogroup and Reddit below:

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