6 thoughts on “Report of 'Stoicism and its Modern Uses' workshop at the University of Exeter”

  1. Patrick, great work, thanks for setting this blog up and for your posts.
    I will put a link to it on my site and twitter

  2. If it can be of interest.
    I did an Italian traslation, among other authors, of all Epictetus, all Marcus Aurelius and of all the Greek fragments of the Stoicorum Veterum Fragmenta.
    I also translated in English all the works of Epictetus. All this material is freely available in my site http://www.epitteto.com

  3. Would the Stoic Sage blog? Actually, I think Chrysippus would be an ace blogger if he lived today! Anyway, thanks for setting this up. I’ve put it on my blogroll, etc., and posted a few links on Facebook.

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