How are you getting on with @StoicWeek?

How are you getting on with @StoicWeek?



Please comment below and share your experiences with Stoic Week.

  • Do you have any questions?
  • Are you encountering any obstacles?
  • Do you have any thoughts or observations to share with others?

Good news!  We only set up the Twitter account a few days ago and already have nearly 100 followers @Stoicweek and #Stoicweek.  We’ve also had nearly 350 votes on our online poll “Who is your favourite Stoic?”  Cast your vote to see the results so far.

Some Videos from Participants


Who then is free?  The wise man who is master of himself, who remains undaunted in the face of poverty, chains and death, who stubbornly defies his passions and despises positions of power, a man complete in himself, smooth and round, who prevents extraneous elements clinging to his polished surface, who is such that when Fortune attacks him she maims only herself.  Can you lay claim to a single one of these qualities?  – Horace


4 thoughts on How are you getting on with @StoicWeek?

  1. CRegal says:

    I found the day rather surprising in the amount of work I completed, the way I treated others and how long I stayed at the library to write. I used the used the guided meditation last night and it seemed to have some sort of effect on endurance. Read E, MA & my fav Seneca. Freedom has always been an objective but being master of oneself requires renewed effervescence. Let’s get those extraneous elements off the polished surface. Yes.

  2. Philo says:

    It’s great that the booklet included such a wealth of exercises! However, knowing myself, I tend to not take action when I have too many options before me due to analysis paralysis (“what would be the best technique to use here? Hmm, let me think about it… for the rest of the day”). So, my plan was to only choose one technique for the morning (prospective meditation), one to use throughout the day (prosoche), and one to use at night (bedtime reflection). That way, I’ll be able to get consistent practice in the technique without being scattered.
    My first day doing this went fairly well. I guess my only question is: is stubbornly adhering to a small subset of the methods for the week a good idea given what I’ve said above?

  3. Gill Garratt says:

    Woke at 4.30 and read Philosophy for Life chapter on the Philosophy Buffet – chose to follow the Stoic eating plan with a bit of Horace, who allowed his students a glass of wine. Used the Wii to register myself. Walked to the beach, meditating on the beauty all around – ordered ‘ Meditations of a Solitary Walker’ by Rousseau when back. B/fast yoghurt, writing then went swimming – used counting mantra for 30 mins, then jacuzzi to relax. Writing. 3.15 the meal of the day. Battled the elements to go to Uni for the fun beginners Spanish course I have signed up to. Did meditative apple stewing for preservation & posterity. Happily snoozy by 10 did reflections on the day, had felt in balance. See pics on my blog gillgarratt@wordpress psychogilly psychotherapist reflects

  4. graeme peters says: Hey guys! Here is my first video response for the living like a Stoic week. Sorry its so late!

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