Important: Please Fill in the End of Stoic Week Questionnaires

Stoic Week 2013 T-ShirtYour feedback is really important to us to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the Stoic exercises, and to help us to secure funding for any future projects. We would very much like you to fill in all the scales even if you only dipped in to Stoic week a little.

As a small gesture of appreciation for your time we are offering four prizes to be drawn at random from people who fill in all the questionnaires. The prizes are

* Two £20 vouchers and

* Two books written by the Exeter Stoic team – Jules Evans’ Philosophy for Life and Gill Garratt’s CBT for Work

To qualify for the draw you need to have completed all 5 questionnaires on line by SUNDAY December 8th at 5.00 pm. Those who have already submitted entries will also be included in the draw. If you have won one of the prizes, we will contact you by email by Dec 15th.

Please use the same email or pseudonym which you used at the start of the week. Please use these links for the post-study questionnaires:

  1. The Flourishing Scale
  2. Satisfaction with Life Scale
  3. SPANE Scale
  4. Stoic Attitudes and Behaviour Scale (SABS)
  5. Additional overall feedback survey on Stoic Week

Thanking you for your participation in Stoic Week.

2 thoughts on Important: Please Fill in the End of Stoic Week Questionnaires

  1. Ali says:

    I hope you are well. Are those lovely Stoic Week T-shirts available to purchase?

  2. Patrick Ussher says:

    Hello Ali! Unfortunately not! That is just a made-up image….but perhaps next year, such t-shits could become a reality 😉

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