Podcast #12: Anya Leonard, Classical Wisdom, and what the classics can teach us as Stoics!

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In this episode, I talk to Anya Leonard about reading the classics, and what Stoics can learn from them.

Anya is a founder and director of Classical Wisdom – a site dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom to modern minds.

Check out Classical Wisdom at:
Website: https://classicalwisdom.com/
Twitter: @classicalwisdom
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClassicalWisdomWeekly/

And check out Classical Wisdom Speaks, the official podcast of ClassicalWisdom.com!
Podcast: https://classicalwisdom.com/podcast-classical-wisdom-speaks/

Classical wisdom will also be hosting their first online symposium, October 24-25 – check out ClassicalWisdom.com for more details!

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3 thoughts on Podcast #12: Anya Leonard, Classical Wisdom, and what the classics can teach us as Stoics!

  1. Nicole Pitthan Silveira says:

    That was a great podcast!
    Thank you Adam and Anya.
    When I was still at university I didn’t took the classics as seriously as I should had. I saw them as a boring entertainment and read them with that perspective. I regret not having back then the mind I have today. After I started learning about Stoicism, I am now little by little rereading them as much as I can.

  2. Dave Mills says:

    Thank you for the podcast. It is so nice to listen to thoughtful people talk about such beautiful, magnificent content.

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