Save the Date – Stoicon 2016 In New York City!

Save the Date – Stoicon 2016 In New York City!

For the first time, Stoicon is moving across the Atlantic!  This fourth annual conference that brings together experts on Stoicism – providing talks, workshops, and conversation – will be hosted in New York City (place TBA at present) on Saturday, October 15.

Massimo Pigliucci, Gregory Lopez, and Amy Valladares are presently at work to organize and finalize the details for what promises to be an engaging and productive Stoicon 2016.

Ryan Holiday will deliver the keynote address for the conference.  The roster of speakers providing a variety of other talks and workshops so far includes Cinzia Arruzza, Gabriele Galluzzo, Christopher Gill, William Irvine, Gregory Lopez, Massimo Pigliucci, Donald Robertson, and Greg Sadler.

The Stoicon talks and workshops are geared towards the general public interested in understanding and applying Stoicism in the context of modern life.  For more information at the present time, click here.  We’ll be posting much more about the conference here in Stoicism Today in the months to come.

There’s plenty of time to plan for Stoic Week and Stoicon 2016, so mark October 15 on your calendar, and get ready to get your Stoic On!

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