Save The Date(s) – Upcoming Stoicism-Related Events

We have some excellent news to share with all of you readers, namely the dates for several big upcoming Stoicism-related events this year.  We can also share a bit about each of these, so you can determine whether they’re something you might find interesting or worthwhile to participate in.  There will very likely be additional events to add to the calendar, and we will announce and publicize them here as more information becomes available. But for now, here’s what we have:

Wednesday, February 9 – Stoics in Business Workshop. Hosted by the Aurelius Foundation, partnering with Modern Stoicism. Justin Stead will lead a discussion on how Stoic thought can support businesses and  teams, and why understanding how to apply Stoicism is critical to business health and success. He will be joined by Andrew Griffiths, who will also present. Current plans are for this to be an in-person event, but it will be shifted online if need be due to Covid-19. More information available at the Aurelius Foundation website. You can also register for the event here.

Saturday, April 9 – Stoïcon-X The Hague.  Hosted by Filosofie in Den Haag organization. Stay tuned for further information coming out about this event, which will feature a number of speakers and talks. Speakers confirmed at this point include Pablo Lamberti, Kai Whiting, Mark Tuitert and Dennis de Gruijter. more information will be coming out in February at the Filosofie in Den Haag website

Saturday, April 23 – Stoics Care Conference. Hosted by the Stoicare organization, partnering with Modern Stoicism.  Contrary to popular belief, Stoicism teaches us to care wisely for other people and the world around us. Now, for the first time ever, the Stoic community is coming together to spotlight the social, caring nature of Stoic philosophy. Meet Stoics from all over the world–scholars, teachers, community volunteers, and people from all walks of life–who are committed to helping others. Learn about the theoretical basis for social and environmental care in Stoicism. Hear practical advice and Stoic practices to improve your life and your community. Be inspired to care, volunteer, and engage as a social Stoic.  Speakers confirmed for the conference include Donald Robertson, Kai Whiting, Will Johncock, and Meredith Kunz.  This is planned to be an online event. More information will be coming out in March here at Stoicism Today and on the Stoicare website

Saturday, May 28 – Plato’s Academy Centre Inaugural Conference.  The recently established Plato’s Academy Centre is planning to hosting their first conference online. More details will be forthcoming, at the Plato’s Academy Centre website.

Saturday, October 15 – STOICON 2022 Conference.  Hosted by the Modern Stoicism organization, organized by a team including Andi Sciacca, Greg Sadler, Harald Kavli, and Phil Yanov. We have settled on a date for the annual international Stoicon conference, which will be held online again this year (as it was in 2020 and 2021, due to Covid-19).  We anticipate having workshops, talks, panels, a plenary presentation, and lightning talks. Planning is underway and we will have many more details to provide later on in the year, here in Stoicism Today and on the Modern Stoicism website.  If you’d like to see all or any of the videos from Stoicon 2021, you can find them in this playlist.

Monday, October 24 – Sunday, October 30 – Stoic Week 2022.  This is the online course developed by the Modern Stoicism organization that lets participants “live like a Stoic” for a week, interact and compare notes with other participants, and see whether it makes a notable difference in their lives.  (The data we have gathered on participation in Stoic Week suggests that for any given person, it is likely it does make a difference).  More information about Stoic Week will be provided here closer to the Fall.

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