Stoic Mindfulness and Resilience Training (SMRT) 2020

We’re delighted to announce that Stoic Mindfulness and Resilience Training (SMRT) 2020 is now enrolling and will begin on Sunday 10th May. It’s completely free of charge and everyone is welcome to take part.

SMRT is a four-week elearning course developed by Donald Robertson for Modern Stoicism. It’s an intensive practical skills training, focusing on psychological techniques central to Stoic philosophy. Donald and Tim LeBon will be this year’s course facilitators.

SMRT was originally developed in 2014 and normally runs once each year. (Although last year we didn’t have time, unfortunately.) We gather research data from participants using established outcome measures, which have consistently shown psychological benefits from the training, and a recent study suggested that those were maintained over the longer-term. We believe that SMRT really is capable therefore of helping you to build lasting emotional resilience, through the use of basic Stoic concepts and practices.

This isn’t a beginners guide to Stoicism. If you’re looking for a general introduction to the subject try Stoic Week. SMRT is an intensive training, focusing on a handful of specific cognitive skills, which form the basis of other Stoic practices.

The course is four weeks long and requires a commitment of approximately 20-30 minutes per day. Thousands of participants around the world have completed SMRT over the past few years.

NB: You must be in good mental health to participate in this course. If you have a current psychiatric diagnosis or a history of psychiatric problems you should not participate and Modern Stoicism do not take responsibility or accept liability for your use of the course materials. Please see the course terms of use for more information.

16 thoughts on Stoic Mindfulness and Resilience Training (SMRT) 2020

  1. Brian Wilson says:

    Dear Donald,
    I tried to enrol but the reply said that my email,address had already been used and I had to log on to my account. I have an account but of course have forgotten the password and the box does not provide for a password change. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Joanne says:

    Having experience of life’s ups and downs is one thing but the e perience of one’s family members being unfair and greedy or violent acting really deplorably and immorally, how can you be stoic after you see it finally as ‘it is what it is’. I would compare it to the Bible stiry of Joseph’s brothers tossing him down the well-what made him keep calm and be so intuitive such as interpreting the dreams of fellow prisoners, then being trusted into the King’s court as the Treasurer of Egypt. That was kind of being as low as his life experiences could be. He survived without nice family members, but his relationship to his father was a rock his father was wise. Please talk about stoicism for survivors of nasty family members or unfair unscrupulous employers etc.

  3. Shahieda says:

    yes, thanks, i would like to participate

  4. Einz says:

    Fun fact:
    Smrt means death on Serbian language.

  5. Keet Neville says:

    I also cannot remember my original password. Please provide a place to change it:).

  6. Ann Clarke says:

    I have already written to say I have had problems signing in
    Today I thought I had succeeded by subscribing but it’s reverted to non acceptance of my details.
    I am very keen to do the course. I would be grateful if you could offer me a way of enrolling.
    Thank you

  7. Ann Clarke says:

    I have been unable to enrol. My details are not accepted. I have tried a few times and thought I had subscribed once . I am very keen to follow the course. I’d be grateful if you could enrol me offer help.

  8. Neil Acquatella says:

    Thanks very much for putting this together. I’m quite interested in participating, however upon trying to access the Enroll platform, the website rejects my country of origin – I receive an “Error 1009 Access Denied” error page. Could this be circumvented, or is it a definitive situation? I’m trying to have the most Stoic attitude towards this. Thanks in advance for your support.

  9. Becca says:

    I also can’t sign on, the site saying I already have an account. I did do the training years ago, but I don’t have my password at this point. Please advise.

  10. Paul Kidd says:

    Thanks for doing this. I enrolled for this years course- successfully I believe. However I don’t seem to be able to connect with the course. The option I seem to get is ” enroll “in the course and when I click this it tells me I am already enrolled. Can you send me a link to the course itself?

  11. Jessica says:

    I am new to Stoicism, and would be interested in participating in this *after* I finish some beginner information. Will this be available online later so I can review it then?

  12. Suresh Arun says:

    I cant seem to enroll in this. “Page not found” is the error message. If this course if over, are the contents archived for people to read, learn

  13. Merril McGraw says:

    Hello, I am enrolled and have participated in the first week. I had to change my email address and I am now locked out of my account. Please, unlock the account associated with my new email address

  14. Angelica Chandrasekeran says:

    I enrolled at the beginning of May and got the reminder a few days ago that the course was starting. I also get the reminder on the video once it’s uploaded. However, I can’t access the course material. I keep getting redirected to this page

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