Stoic Week 2013

Stoic Week 2013

This year, Stoic Week will take place from Monday 25th of November to Monday 2nd of December. We are applying for funding to improve the resources available for the week, including a vastly improved booklet; more audio recordings of Stoic askeseis (spiritual exercises); and more robust measurements and scales. We decided it would be best to put all our resources into improving the resources available for the next Stoic Week in November/December, rather than rush everything for a Stoic fortnight in February. This way, there will be a strong foundation for Stoic weeks to run annually in future. At the moment, we are also investigating funding for other exciting projects related to adapting Stoicism for today, which could take the project in exciting parallel developments.

So keep practising Stoicism! Perhaps invite some friends and classmates to be Stoics for a week, or two weeks, and let us know how you get on!

For example, here in Exeter, we will be having out own Stoic week amongst staff and students in late February and early March. 

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  1. Bruce Beck says:

    I’m confused. My calendar says November 28, 2013, is a Thursday not a Monday. Which calendar are you using?

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