The Stoic – June Issue

THE STOIC is a free monthly online publication of The Stoic Gym. The Modern Stoicism organization has been partnering with the Stoic Gym, and publicizing it here when it comes out. Questions about The Stoic can be directed to Chuck Chakrapani.

The theme of this issue is Stoic Contemplations. Contributors for this issue include prominent modern Stoics such as: Donald Robertson, Sharon Lebell, Kai Whiting, Flora Berenard, Jonas Salzgeber, Meredith Kunz, and Chuck Chakrapani. If you’d like to check it out, or to subscribe, click here.

  • RON PIES. The core beliefs of Stoicism
  • SENECA. The rules of life
  • JONAS SALZGEBER. Meeting death
  • FLORA BERNARD. Mastering desires Facing aversions
  • MEREDITH KUNZ. The nature our possessions
  • SHARON LEBELL. Practicing whatever is useful
  • DONALD ROBERTSON. Dealing with others
  • KAI WHITING. Collective wellbeing
  • CHUCK CHAKRAPANI. Living the good lfie
  • PLUS…Book excerpts, Stoics quotes for everyday of the month, Stoic Directory and more!

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