THE STOIC Magazine, October 2020

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THE STOIC is a monthly online publication of The Stoic Gym. The Modern Stoicism organization is partnering with the Stoic Gym (and if you look at the teams for both, you’ll see some overlap in membership).

The theme of this issue is ‘WALK THE STOIC PATH’. Contributors include many prominent modern Stoics: Sharon Lebell, Kai Whiting, Meredith Kunz, Piotr Stankiewicz, Flors Bernard, Erik Rankin, and Chuck Chakrapani. If you’d like to read the articles, or to subscribe, click here.

In this issue…

  • CHUCK CHAKRAPANI. The art of being civil 
  • SHARON LEBELL. Rise to the work of a human being
  • JONAS SALZGEBER. Manage your expectations 
  • MEREDITH KUNZ. Think like a Stoic, change your brain 
  • ERIK RANKIN. Practice political civility
  • FLORA BERNARD. Reap the benefits of philosophy 
  • PIOTR STANKIEWICZ. Why Stoicism needs updating 
  • KAI WHITING. Is there a case for God?
  • Stoic every day: Daily quotes for the month 

And much more!

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