Tickets Now Available for STOICON 2017

Ticketing is now set up for the Stoicon 2017 conference, which will be held this year Saturday, 14 October in Toronto at the Holiday Inn Toronto-Yorkdale.  You can view the conference schedule, order tickets, or find more information by clicking here.  The central theme for Stoicon 2017 (and for Stoic Week) is Stoicism at Work.
Earlybird discount tickets are available for online purchase.  There are also discounted tickets available for students in full-time education and for those aged 65 or older.  There is also a discounted rate available for rooms at the Holiday Inn Toronto-Yorkdale.
If you are interested in Stoic philosophy, whatever your background or occupation, this conference is meant for you. Our aim is to make Stoic philosophy accessible to everyone by highlighting its practical relevance to the everyday challenges people face in different aspects of modern life.
The keynote speaker is Margaret Graver, Professor of Classical Studies at Dartmouth College, author of the groundbreaking study Stoicism and Emotion.
Stoicon also features plenary addresses by Donald Robertson, Massimo Pigliucci, Chuck Chakrapani, Ronald Pies, Walter Matweychuk, and Jules Evans.
The breakout sessions will include longer (45 minute) talks by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman, and 90 minute workshops by Christopher Gill & Tim LeBon, Col. Thomas Jarrett, Greg Sadler & Andi Sciacca, and Donald Robertson.

One thought on Tickets Now Available for STOICON 2017

  1. rwpeters says:

    I ordered my ticket today – looking forward to the day!
    BTW I booked myself into a hotel called the Montecassino, which is a 10 minute cab drive from the event, and which is costing me $105 a night – less than half the cost at the venue itself.

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