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Hi everyone,
We are in the process of migrating all user accounts from the Modern Stoicism WordPress site to our new Learn Modern Stoicism site hosted by Teachable.  This is an e-learning site that we will use to deliver Stoic Week, SMRT, and to provide resources such as videos from conferences.
All users of this site should have received three emails recently:

  1. An announcement from this domain ( saying that your account is being migrated to our new Learn Modern Stoicism site hosted by Teachable.
  2. A system-generated email from Learn Modern Stoicism ( asking you to confirm your email for the account.
  3. An announcement from the new domain Learn Modern Stoicism ( explaining the migration process.

All user accounts have now been removed from Modern Stoicism.  If you’re having problems logging into Learn Modern Stoicism just get in touch.  Alternatively, you can just set up a new account on Learn Modern Stoicism.
We’ve been planning to migrate accounts for a long time.  The existing WordPress site was suffering from performance problems as the numbers of users grew.  We currently have nearly 14,000 registered users, which is likely to grow in advance of Stoic Week 2017.
The main benefits of moving to Teachable are:

  1. The site is faster and more stable
  2. It’s more responsive and works better on mobile devices
  3. We have greater capacity to add larger numbers of new users
  4. Videos (hosted by Wistia) will stream faster and be more responsive
  5. We benefit from the e-learning features of Teachable
  6. The email notification system in Teachable works better
  7. There’s also an integrated iOS app for Apple users (an Android app will follow eventually)

I hope that information is of help.  Please get in touch if you have any more questions.
Donald Robertson

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