Summer Break & Video: Insights from Marcus Aurelius' Meditations

The blog is now going into a short summer break. Posts will resume on August 23rd. Hope you’ve enjoyed the various posts we’ve had throughout the year so far. And please get in touch if you have an idea for a guest post on anything related to how Stoicism can be still be practised today, or on similarities/differences between Stoicism and other philosophies. What makes this blog possible at all is all the people who write in to share their thoughts and reflections on Stoicism – please get in touch if you have something to say.

For now: a repost (from August, 2012) of a short 20 minute talk by Chris Gill for Youtube, which explores the nature of Marcus Aurelius’ philosophical project.

Questions covered include: what is at the core of Marcus philosophical project in writing his meditations? And how ‘Stoic’ was Marcus Aurelius? philosophical method? Includes discussion of key passages for understanding the aims of the Meditations as a whole.


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  1. Angela Gilmour says:

    Have a great holiday Patrick and thanks for your hard work which keeps this project fresh and interesting!

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