All The Videorecordings From Stoicon 2022!

We held the tenth annual Stoicon conference online last Saturday.  It was, from all measures, quite successful.  On the negative side, we didn’t run into any tech problems (thanks to Phil Yanov), we had just a few trolls show up, and all of the speakers, panelists, and coordinators were able to log in without any problems.

On the positive side, we enjoyed an entire day of great presentations and discussions, not only between the scheduled speakers and panelists, but also with the audience who asked a number of great questions in the Zoom and YouTube chat.  The sessions provided a nice mix of different kinds of engagements and ranged over a wide set of topics.  And we got decent videorecordings of the entirety of the event.

We have been releasing these videos individually over the course of the week. Now that we have published all of them in the Modern Stoicism YouTube channel, it’s about time that we do a roundup of them that assembles them all in the same place.

So that’s precisely what we’re doing here with those nine videos. Here they are!  You can go through the entire day’s worth of conference recordings at your leisure, and as many times as you would like to!










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