Ancient Healthcare and Modern Wellbeing: Introductory Video

Ancient Healthcare and Modern Wellbeing

A new, 10 minute, introductory video on the Ancient Healthcare and Modern Wellbeing project here at the University of Exeter’s Classics Department, discussing the work being undertaken both on finding insights from ancient psychotherapeutics texts (as found in Stoicism) and from ancient texts on preventative medicine (as found in the 2nd Century doctor Galen and his text On Preserving Health). 


4 thoughts on Ancient Healthcare and Modern Wellbeing: Introductory Video

  1. Jonathan Gosling says:

    This is a fascinating project, very well explained in the video. The value of taking care of oneself, and responsibility for doing so, seems very modern! Did Galen extend his prescriptions for individual wellbeing to collective ‘bodies’ as well?

  2. Patrick Ussher says:

    Hi Jonathan – yes, I think you’re right. As far as my understanding goes, I think Galen did want people to consider that they were taking care of their health within a broader ethical framework of maintaining their constitutions as part of citizens in the world. In other words, it is not just an individual health regimen for you, but for your families, friends and fellow citizens.

  3. Michael domnin says:

    An interesting approach, still in its infancy. I would like to see more detais and more results of the research

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