Christmas Break & A Stoic Santa

I hope you’ve enjoyed the articles that have been featured on the blog over the last year. Posts will resume again in the New Year. Remember that if you would like to write for the blog, get in touch with your ideas.
For this time of year, thoroughly recommended are Paul Bryson’s reflections on what a Stoic Christmas would be like from last year: A Stoic Christmas Story.
And, on the off chance that anyone would like to scare their children about Santa Claus coming, they could do worse than use this picture of a Stoic Santa…
A Stoic Santa

One thought on Christmas Break & A Stoic Santa

  1. kathweet says:

    Very apt stoic Christmas story. When I was a child in a convalescent home. We used to do this for each other. We would get a couple of books and toys and wrap the up for each others birthdays. We would all react the same totally overwhelmed at our presents and it wasn’t just pretend it was the gesture of our friends. What a lovely quote about the sea shell and the sailor it is exactly like that.We can marvel at it even share it with a friend but then leave it on the beach . We don’t have to own it.

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