Conversations with Modern Stoicism – Tom Morris & Greg Bassham

Next Conversations Event features Stoicism for Dummies authors.

Conversations with Modern Stoicism next meets on 9 March 2024.

The topic of our conversation will be:

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life: Stoicism for Living by Tom Morris & Greg Bassham, co-authors of the recently released book,  Stoicism for Dummies.

About our Presenters:

Tom Morris is author of Philosophy For Dummies and 30 other books. He was a philosophy professor at The University of Notre Dame and now heads The Morris Institute for Human Values.

Gregory Bassham is author of The Philosophy Book, an illustrated history of philosophy, and 10 other books. Gregory was a professor of philosophy at King’s College.

What is a Conversations event like?

Captivating discussions are framed by knowledgeable speakers, participants will have the chance to learn practical Stoic wisdom and discuss it with others, so that those ideas can be used to live more virtuously. 

The goal of this event is for you to explore Stoicism with other like minded people.  Remember, you will meet people from all over the world, who have come to Stoicism from a variety of backgrounds. You will meet new people. They will bring new ideas. 

It’s small groups for Stoicism.

Sign up here. 

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