Do You Want To Speak At Stoicon? Consider Giving A Lightning Talk!

This is the tenth year for STOICON, the international Modern Stoicism conference. Stoicon will be a completely virtual conference this year as well, taking place online on Saturday, October 29. Full details are available on the Eventbrite listing (where you can also get a ticket for Stoicon).

If you are interested in speaking at the event, you may want to try your hand at doing one of our three-to-five-minute lightning talks. Harald Kavli, the assistant editor of Stoicism Today, is this year’s host and organizer for the Lightning Talk session, during which twelve (or perhaps more) speakers will have the opportunity to talk for up to five minutes each.

Format for Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks are a popular style of presentations that have been used in recent Stoicon conferences and a  number of Stoicon-X events. You can talk about any subject, as long as it’s clearly relevant to Stoicism. You must, though, adhere to a strict five-minute time limit.

This year, the Lightning talks will all be prerecorded. You will need a suitable microphone as well as a room with little or no background noise. Please note that there will be a limited number of spaces for lightning talk speakers. Speakers will be chosen based on their proposal and other qualities, and the discretion of the organizer.


If you have an idea for a talk, please reach out to Harald.  You can also send him the videos file of your lightning talk

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