End of Week Scales and Feedback Questionnaire

Don’t forget to retake the surveys below for analysis, and also to take the general feedback questionnaire. Your responses will be really helpful for designing the Stoic Fortnight in Spring 2013.
Make sure to use the same pseudonym or email address as you used one week ago. Please try and compete these as soon as possible. The links will go down late on Tuesday evening (GMT).
And a reminder of the prize draw for a signed copy of Jules Evan’s Philosophy as a Way of LIfe for all those who complete all surveys.

1) To retake the Flourishing scale please visit http://eSurv.org?u=FlourishingAfter
2) To retake the Satisfaction with Life scale please visit http://eSurv.org?u=SatisfactionWithLifeAfter
3) To retake the SPANE scale please visit http://eSurv.org?u=SPANEAfter
4) To complete our survey of your experience of the week, please visit http://eSurv.org?u=StoicWeekOverall

2 thoughts on End of Week Scales and Feedback Questionnaire

  1. Cian says:

    Forgot to add it to the survey feedback: At some point (probably after the two week course and gathering more experience with this whole thing), it might be worth putting together an online course mixing history, philosophy and exercises on something like Coursera, Udacity etc.
    This would be a lot of work, but I’m guessing you would reach far larger audiences.

  2. Done. And thank you for taking the time to set up this project. Wonderful idea.

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