How "Stoic" are you, on a scale from 0-10?

Here’s the scale you’re looking for…
If this whets your appetite, know that you’re just one short step away from participating in Stoic Week.
All you need do is complete the other requisite scales and then download the Stoic Week 2013 Handbook.

If you prefer, you can travel through cyberspace to the Stoic Attitudes and Behaviour Scale using this link instead.

4 thoughts on How "Stoic" are you, on a scale from 0-10?

  1. Jane says:

    I don’t understand how I can “strongly” or “slightly” agree or disagree with a statement. Either I agree with it, or I think it is logically or empirically flawed, in which case I disagree with it, or I don’t have a view and neither agree or disagree.
    Completing the survey on that basis, ignoring the “strongly” and “slightly” options, I score 20 for Stoic attitudes and 28 for Stoic behaviours.

    • I replied on your blog. You gave the analogy there of pregnancy: saying someone can’t possibly be “slightly” pregnant. (That’s something not everyone would accept, by the way, but let’s go with it for the sake of argument.) Even if the fact is either true or false, and nothing in-between, that’s completely different from someone’s level of conviction in the belief that they’re pregnant. Clearly, in common parlance, virtually everyone assumes that strength of belief can range from total uncertainty to total certainty, with a whole spectrum of attitudes between. We take it for granted in daily life that some people hold stronger beliefs than others, or are convinced to varying degrees of the truth of a statement. It would be a strange world indeed if we didn’t! That’s why this format, the Likert scale, is the established method used in most statistical research of this kind in the social sciences.

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