New: PDF version of Stoic Week 2013 Handbook

6 thoughts on New: PDF version of Stoic Week 2013 Handbook

  1. Ed says:

    When I heard about Stoic Week on the BBC I decided immediately that I would do it and I am looking forward to participating and following this project as the days progress. I am starting now and will check back later!

  2. […] up with pain in my knee joints, but no neuralgia, which makes a change. For morning meditation the Stoic Week handbook invites me to consider the opening passage of the […]

  3. w. tony quilico says:

    Have been following the teachings of Epictetus for yers. His teachings, i find very similar to those found in the Big Book of AA and the 12 Steps of AA. Thank you. w. tony quilico

  4. swngnmomma says:

    The downloadable version of the handbook still acts as embedded and is unfortunately for me, not downloadable at all…

  5. You just right-click on a link normally to save the file from a website. Have you tried that? This is the address:

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