Living the Stoic Life: The Booklet

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The Booklet

You are all, wherever you are around the world, warmly invited to take part in our Stoic week!

Above is the link to the thirty-page booklet, a joint effort by academics and psychotherapists who have studied Stoicism,  a booklet which you can use during our Stoic week [November 26th – December 3rd]. It contains all that you need for the week, including important (yet practical) background theory, specific advice (including bringing Stoicism to work), as well as a host of Stoic exercises (‘askeseis’) which you can practise. Take your time to read and reflect on the booklet this weekend, and be ready to live the Stoic life come this Monday, joining people from all over the world, in living the wisdom of Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, et al.!

You are strongly encouraged to submit data which will be analysed after the trial (see booklet for more information), but you can also follow trial without this, if you so wish. N.B. You must contribute first set of data for three surveys before Stoic week starts [before midnight GMT this Sunday]. Then, please contribute data for three surveys again on Monday 3rd December [links will be posted on blog for this].

Anyone is encouraged, from Monday, to post on the blog how the week is going for them. On each day of the week, there will be a general post created which will allow you to respond as to how you are finding the exercises, and also any reflections or passages from Stoicism which you find particularly inspiring.

To all, best of luck, and enjoy your week as a Stoic!

Twitter Users, proposed hashtag: #stoicweek

17 thoughts on “Living the Stoic Life: The Booklet”

  1. I can’t get the link to the Satisfaction with Life scale in the booklet to work. Does it matter if I skip it? Or is this my first lesson

    1. Serge – everyone is welcome to join the Stoic week. All information you need should be in booklet. You can read this weekend and plan your week ahead! Good luck!

  2. I hope it is all right if I share the link to this site with my students who are undertaking Monash University’s unit on Hellenistic philosophy over the (southern hemisphere) summer. The unit is taught in distance education mode over the summer, so connecting via the web with people who are similarly interested in Stoicism is important for them. I’m interested to follow along myself too.

  3. I just noticed the “Share” function (for Twitter, Facebook, etc.) was switched off on this WordPress install, so I’ve enabled it. You should now see the buttons above the comments and just below the posts. Hope that’s okay! Should help to spread the word.

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