Poll: Who is your favourite Stoic?

2 thoughts on Poll: Who is your favourite Stoic?

  1. Gill Garratt says:

    My dad was probably my first Stoic role model as a Northern mill owner with a strong work ethic – all 5 children had to work in the mill on Saturdays and holidays – no special favours for us ! Then I discovered Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and Epictetus was the chap for me.

  2. Nabil Mj says:

    Seneca has been my favorite stoic teacher,and he will always be.All his works have a mark of a genius.In fact,when I read Seneca,I feel like I am in his place..sometimes I even anticipate what he wants to say in his texts.His essay “Peace of mind” and “Letters to lucilius” book are my bed-bibles!!Seneca clearly deserves to be the best without doubt.

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