New Videos: London Opening & Closing Sessions, for 'Stoicism in Everyday Life' Event

Stoicism for Everyday Life: Opening Session

In this video, Chris Gill talks about the background to the Stoicism Today project and about key Stoic ideas, Patrick Ussher about Stoic Week around the world and in the media, Donald Robertson about the relationship between Stoicism and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), and Tim LeBon about developing an evidence base for Stoicism. The session is introduced by John Sellars.


Stoicism for Everyday Life: Closing Session

In this video, participants from the audience share their really interesting ideas about how Stoicism can be helpful today, their own life experiences with Stoic philosophy, key questions which need to be explored in Stoicism, workshop ideas and ideas for Stoic Week, and suggestions about what the Stoicism Today team could do next. There is also an overview of all seven workshops from the day.


2 thoughts on New Videos: London Opening & Closing Sessions, for 'Stoicism in Everyday Life' Event

  1. Angela Gilmour says:

    It was good to have these two videos but I think it was such a shame the workshops were not videod and notes were not taken. I know this is asking a lot but wondered if it would be possible next year maybe in the summer holidays – September to use the student accomodation and facilities of one of the participating universities to hold a residential Stoic Week making a charge to cover costs. Modern technology could be used to open the event up internationally.

    • Patrick Ussher says:

      Yes, agreed Angela – that would all be ideal. We only had funding for a video team of two, unfortunately. But these are all things we are going to look into for next year, when we hope to do a longer event. There is another video though, almost finished, which will have further overviews of the sessions and feedback from participants.

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