Online Symposium “The Stoic God” – Invitation to Contribute

Here at Stoicism Today, we have published a number of ‘online symposia’ on a range of Stoic themes. In 2022, these included Stoicism and Courage, which featured a selection of excellent responses.

Usually, we publish several groups of shorter contributions over several Saturdays (not necessarily consecutive). The popular format presents contrasting views, as writers are free to shape their entry around the theme as they see fit.

In 2023, we would like to invite contributions of shorter length (400-1200 words) to our new online symposium: “The Stoic God.” This is a theme which receives regular airing in online groups, attracting strong and varying opinions, so we hope that writers will submit interesting and well-argued pieces!

Potential topics could include, but are not restricted to:

  • Is belief in a God or gods necessary/possible/reasonable for Stoicism today? Why?
  • How might “the Stoic God” relate to Stoic virtue principles?
  • What about Zeus, Apollo, Athena and the rest of the traditional Greco-Roman pantheon – how do they fit in? Or don’t they?
  • Providence and an ordered cosmos
  • The imperial cult and ancient Stoicism
  • Stoicism and other theologies (e.g. Hinduism)

As always with contributions to Stoicism Today, please ensure that you:

  • Double-check that any references to ancient works are accurate. We do check these before publication, but it saves time if we can be confident that the author has made the effort to check the original work in a reputable translation. It’s all too easy to transpose reference numbers – e.g. Meditations 12.5 can appear as 5.12 if care isn’t taken.
  • Transliterate Greek words into English please.
  • Take note of the general submission guidelines:
  • Email your contribution to and as soon as possible – we would like to start publishing our first instalment in coming weeks!

We look forward to reading your contributions on this fascinating topic!

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